You DSDidn't forget about me, did you?

Hey, everyone. I've been semi-gone all summer because I discovered that Facebook Stalker Feed® could essentially be used as a blog without any hassle. It was a good idea until I remembered...

I'm not really a text blogger. I work more with images and whatnot. Two problems that come up when I post a link to images on Facebook that either I make or that someone else made and I thought you all should see are:

1. You don't click the link because you think it's going to send you to or waste your time in one way or another. Valid concern... usually.

2. You click the link and get confused because you are not computer savvy.

3. You click one of the images I've put directly on Facebook and are unimpressed by its shoddy quality.

Well, in order to address those issues, the blog is back. You'll still have to click a link off Facebook if you don't want to visit the blog directly, but hopefully my page is easily legible and navigable and number 2 won't be a problem. And if you see the url, you'll know it's not meatspin... or goatse.... or lemonparty.... or 2 girls 1 cup... or 1 guy 1 cup... but I digress, number 3 is solved by Blogspot not compressing images and ruining their quality.

With that being said, I have a couple posts to do to make up for the time I was gone.

DSDeuces for now....