DSDesigns: ConCrit much?

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I did this for a promotion group, but they ended up not using it. I made it using the guidelines "Life in the Fab Lane" and I guess I interpreted it the wrong way. The space at the left hand side is for information about the party, it's location, price, etc.

Like? Dislike? Holla.

First Post

What's up?

This is my first post, so as you can guess, there's probably nothing important for me to say now other than, "Any pictures I can edit for you guys?"

And with that, I'll link you to something I personally found hilarious. You have to listen to what the guy says before what happens to him happens.

Moral of the Story? Don't talk too much. Especially near a very angry man ready to knock you out.

And I'll throw in my Huey/Souljaboy remix everyone seemed to like so much. I personally hate Souljaboy, but I like how this turned out. Check it.