I DSDo Not Encourage Breaking the Law, But: Serge Gainsbourg Graffiti

This was worth blogging for a lot of reasons. The most important of which being that A.) The Graffiti is dope and B.) The 3D exploded view is dopetastic.

Please enjoyjoy, DSDarlings.
[props to Sam Lo for the link]

Serge Gainsbourg - animation des graffitis sur 5 ans du mur rue de Verneuil from Arnaud Jourdain on Vimeo.

You've DSDone enough, come back!: Pokemon as Traditional Japanese art

So... I feel like a little kid again. In 3rd grade, like 11 years ago, I got Pokemon blue version. We'd stay in at and play that mofo till we got banned.... then we had the cards and show to talk about. It's a shame it became uncool after a while, because the Pokemon games were actually really good RPGs. They were basically bad-ass, non-annoying Tamagotchis.

I'm not going to bore you longer with a story that you probably could have told yourself because if you were born between 1987 and 1997 and have never played pokemon, you have no soul. These pictures are evidence that Pokemon may or may not have been real at some point.[not really, but they're extra sick. enjoyjoy]

[Via The Awesomer]

[Make SURE you click the pic for a big view]

DSDeception: The Third and the Seventh

Alright, I made a challenge to you all on Facebook. Something is very different about what you see in this video and I want you to guess what it is. You don't have to watch it from start to finish, just skip around and watch 10-15 seconds at a time if you want.

The answer is revealed after the jump. Don't spoil it for anybody else, plx.
[Via Abduzeedo]

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

See More[Reveal the Answer]

DSDon't Steal My Spotlight: Art by Stuntkid

This dude is an em effing G. Look at this shit! The colors are just crazy. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around how he visualizes this stuff before he makes it. Hats off to you, sir.

[Via PopWhore/Stuntkid]

[Yo, I had to stop myself. I liked almost every pic in the gallery. Do yourself a favor and check it out!]

DSDon't Steal My Spotlight: Art By Ludovic Jacqz

Not much to say other than check this guy's work out, it's quite nice.

If you like these, you can check out more of his stuff here.

[Agape from Sky Doll Fanart]


[Who Cares About Adam?]

[My head (...and best wishes friends)]

[la collectionneuse...]

I Still DSDo Not Encourage Breaking The Law: [...but]

I'm speechless. Please watch this. It made my week.
[Props to K-flan]

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

DSDagobah: Star Wars Gangsta Raps... all of them

I can't really say much about this post. Depending on who you are, this will either be hilarious, nostalgic, or very old news.

But no matter how many times I've seen part 2, "900 year fiend smoking Dagobah Green still has me rolling. [pun intended]."

....sorry for the bad pun. Its sickness and I'm working on healing myself. Bear with me.

Star Wars Gangsta Rap - Original

Star Wars Gangsta Rap - Part 2

Star Wars Gangsta Rap Chronicles
Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles

DSDeath Star: Star Wars Sneaks by Adidas

My friend and former Spanish teacher, Mr. Tapan Patel. [Big Nigga on Campus... even off campus]
posted this link up in December and I'm just getting around to putting it up now.

If you knew me last year All Day I fantasized, talked, and Dreamt About Shoes and it was kind of a problem. After a brief brush with personal poverty[rehab], I sort of realigned my priorities and now I view nice shoes as art more than as merchandise.

Here are a couple [heavily]Star Wars themed pairs that I'd be more apt to frame and hang from a wall than to ever let touch the ground.

[Via Po-Tell and Fubiz]

An assload more after the jump.

DSDeciduous: Urban Forest

If you think the little glass floor they put over the Grand Canyon was scary, then you're in for a shocker. Imagine not only being scared when you're on top of a building, but when you're on the ground standing within a 60 meter radius of it as well.

I present to you the China Urban Forest Skyscraper by Mad Architects. This isn't just some DSDelusional concept design. They're actually planning to build this thing in Chongqing, China.

Big ups to these guys for Abolishing Ignorance on the physics front[NSBE-fam should appreciate this] and on the design front.
[via VectroAve]

-Toodles Till Next Time

DSDeluge: Art out the Wazoo

So if have this problem... I like to be cool, calm, and collected at all times. [Obviously doesn't work 100% of the time] And one way to be able to do so without going completely insane is by putting things off.

For instance, I keep all my art blogs and whatnot in Google reader for easy access, but school got in the way [as always] and I couldn't get to read them all as quickly as I had wanted. So they were just piling up, 2000+ pieces of art/music waiting to be looked at/heard. When I went to check, I noticed I had a lot of reading to do and if I marked all of those pictures as read, I might miss out on a particularly pretty picture or something. What did I do? I ignored them for all of December because the thought of reading all of them was too mentally taxing.

In any case, I was feeling rather mentally spry today so I decided to dive in.
Have fun, loveloves.

P.S. : It took every ounce of my will not to make this entire post about Milo Manara and Gabriel Moreno. These artists should be locked up for making everyone else look bad.

While you're looking. Listen to Mark Meronek[Read: God]'s rendition of Nujabes[My second favorite producer after Lord Forreal]'s "Counting Stars"

[Via Popwhore - Abduzeedo - Billionaire Boys Club Blog - Gabriel Moreno - LooksLikeGoodDesign]

[Under - Jean Zapata]

[Angel's Decay - Jean Zapata]


[Milo Manara]

[Milo Manara]

[Milo Manara]

[Milo Manara]

[Jason Chan]

[Jason Chan]

DSDevilish: Cool Art by Sygnin

I didn't make this art, but I thought I'd share it with you. It's by an artist named Charlene Chua and I strongly suggest you click that link and check out some more of her work.

I really like this- the color, the style, the theme, the texture, the characters, and what it's based on.
[I had to shrink it a bit for it to fit on the site, but make sure you click the picture or the link below to get the full effect]

DSDrugs: Bananas In Pajamas

This isn't gonna be a long post. I was just kinda chillin and it just occured to me how mind-bogglingly high someone must have been before they came up with this...

And I'm gonna make you think a little. How crazy would it be if all the stoner culture references in Scooby Doo were intentional? Could you imagine if none of that stuff ever actually happened to them and they were just getting baked and eating a bunch of food/getting the shit spooked out of them/running around in circles?

And in almost completely unrelated other news, I found this picture while surfing the net one day and thought I'd share. Real stylish and whatnot.

DSDon't Wanna Say I Told You So But..

I used to love the show "All That". Sure, the kids were a bit older than me, but they were still kids and I kind of grew up with them. As a kid, I used to think Amanda Bynes was unfunny and busted. Then in early highschool, I thought she was unfunny and sowing the seeds of possibly being cute in the future. In late highschool, I didn't think about Amanda Bynes because she was ghost.

In early college, I had forgotten about her existence until today, when I saw some stuff on Egotastic:

On some real shit, what did she do? Raid a breasteses factory? Amanda Bynes is legit bad now and I just wanted to let you all know that I called it in 10th grade.

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