This dude is extra talented. He makes some funny ish. Check it out.

Kissed a Dude - Dyme-a-Duzin

DSD Presents: LoveDigital

Cover Art
(Click to Enlarge)

Hahaha, sorry again. I've been saying this was going to come out "Tomorrow" for a long time now, but here it is. The cover art is a lot bigger this time and I put a lot of work into the concept. There's a general theme to the songs that kinda goes with the title of the album. I can't really articulate the theme but it's there and it's pretty obvious if you give it a listen.

By the way, the amazing stock model is from Taho-Stock. It doesn't really look like her anymore after what I did to the picture, but I think she did a good job and took a great picture.

Click to Enlarge

Click Here to Download Album

Enjoy. And as always, comments and constructive criticism are encouraged, welcome, and appreciated.

Much love.

Well, I'll be DSDamned

I'm doing hw, so here's a quick link.

Basically, they cured AIDS.

DSDr. Jekyll: Lauren and Co.

I haven't put a picture of my very first model up in a long time. She gives me quality pictures all the time and I like to try to reciprocate. You like?

(Please make sure to click this picture to full view. It's really almost like a completely different picture)

Thanks, I owe you a hug next time I see you. (2 weeks?)

DSDulce Beat: Belanova

Hey, I've been gone for like 2 weeks. My fault. Combine me, college, and procrastination, and you get..... I don't know, but it's bad. Anyways, I feel awful for giving so many people a link to this site and not putting anything up, so I'll try to shower you with media and whatnot now that it's Sunday and I'm supposed to be studying, ya dig?

First off, I'll do my version of an artist spotlight. And for today, I want to spotlight Belanova.

I first came across Belanova while surfing Newgrounds and I came across this video. When I first turned on the little cartoony flash movie, I was expecting to be entertained by the animation, but it came as a pretty big shock when I ended up being so mesmerized, for lack of better words, by the music in the background that I had to watch the short twice.

The video is by Vinnie Veritas, by the way.

The song was Tus Ojos by Belanova. Here's a higher quality downloadable version.

Tus Ojos - Belanova

I looked more into them and found that they have kind of a funk/electronic/pop style that's just pretty unique, and that's really what I go for in an artist....

Pardon my writing right now. It looks like I'm narrating a story to kindergarteners. I just read a bad test grade and missed an audition callback, so today is kind of awful. I think I'll spare you and just give you the what I believe are the best examples(downloadable) of their music and a quick description of what I like about them.

Album 1 - Cocktail
This is their best album by far. They stuck with that electrofunkpop feeling the most and that really defines them as artists.

Aun Asi Te Vas - Belanova

The instrumental here is really smooth, with the kickass funky bassline that's a mainstay in almost all of their songs from this album.
I am also in love with the vocalist, Denisse Guerrero, whose vocals make this song one of my favorites.

Tranquilo - Belanova

My Spanish level isn't good enough to completely understand this song, but DG's sexy vocals over this lounge-y beat just makes this the perfect song for those moments that you just kind of want to kind of relax. I included it on my first mixtape, "Chill", which has a lot of other songs you may like. Click here to check that out.

There are plenty more great songs. I love the whole album. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and I'll gladly hook you up with it.

Album 2 - Dulce Beat
This is where they kind of began to stray from their original sound. I still dig the style, but they lost some swag points from me.

Mirame - Belanova

This song is probably the most similar to any of the ones on Cocktail. It's another really chill song and I'm really feeling the bossa nova-esque(I like making up words, if you couldn't tell) instrumental.

Rosa Pastel - Belanova

This is one of my favorites. Complete style flip, but I think it worked. Think Kanye and Flashing Lights. Some people probably were feeling it and some people weren't. Unfortunately, while I liked this song, it was a sign of bad things to come(in my opinion). The rock influence started to kind of take over and kill their previous unique style as you'll see on their next album.

Album 2.5 Dulce Beat 2.0
This is a remix album. It has a lot of mixes of songs from both Cocktail and Dulce Beat

Suele Pasar(Acoustic) - Belanova

Suele Pasar was a great song off of Cocktail. Again, hit me up and I can hook you up with it. Anyways, yeah, they basically transformed it into this sad little acoustic guitar song that just gets to me every time I listen to it. It's prolly DG's voice :-p.

It wasn't on this album, but I can send anyone that wants it the Mijangos Divino house remix of Rosa Pastel. Sickness...

Album 3 - Fantasia Pop

I'm really not feeling this album... like, at all. They changed from their funky roots to a sort of Glamrock/Dreamrock/Poprock feel. If I could describe it in words, it sounds like fashion show music with the extremely heavy ambient synth and heavy echo/reverb effects on the vocals and guitar. Again, an example is the best way to show you.

Cada Que - Belanova

I'd like to clarify that the music isn't bad per se, it's just that they killed what I liked so much about them with the style change. This is a pretty catchy tune, but it's probably the most glaring example of switching to more of a rock sound.

Aun - Belanova

This is the perfect example of what I mean by Dreampop or Glampop. Doesn't this sound like runway music for a fashion show? I'm not a huge fan, but it's still an alright song.

Toma Mi Mano - Belanova

I'm not completely against changing style. The style here (all piano and vocals) was completely unexpected. It's very sad sounding, but in this case, understanding Spanish would show that it's kind of the opposite. Great song, in my opinion.

1,2,3 Go! - Belanova

This album wasn't awful. I'm not trying to bash a great band. As artists, they can do whatever they want with their style. I think this song sounds damn great and I hope they keep developing with their own artistic vision. It's basically a rock song with slight electronic influences and great drums.

Well, that's it for my first artist spotlight. I really appreciate it when people comment on anything I put up. Just say "good" "bad" or anything, just so I know you at least glanced at it. And if you're really cool, some constructive criticism would be great.

Again, sorry for not being around as much as I should. I'll try to fix that.

DSDope: GraySapphire

Disclaimer: In case you don't read anything else below, which you very well might not. I DID NOT DRAW/HAVE ANY PART IN THE CREATION OF THIS ART!!! THIS ART IS THE PROPERTY OF GRAYSAPPHIRE


There's an artist in everybody(... well almost everybody). Sometimes it just takes seeing the right type of inspiration to get you thinking right. In case I somehow don't inspire you enough, here are some artists that don't necessarily inspire me but more or less make me jealous and sad that I can't have style like them.

Check these guys out.

has her own unique swag as an artist. That's basically all I'm looking for in a dope designer. Like, you can see her stuff and you know its hers.

Off the Wall - GraySapphire - (Click here for original Version)

(Please check out her entire gallery at Graysapphire.deviantart.com I'm trying to put you on to her as an artist, not just display talent!)

GraySapphire - Whisper

GraySapphire - Strange Love

DSDouble Feature: I-15 - Ass Titties and Tonny Matterhorn - Wine Pon Mi Buddy

Wow, these two songs have been stuck in my hear for a long time now. I-15's lyrics in "Ass Titties" are on point and hilarious and if you understand enough Patois, Tony Matterhorn has done it again. He is truly a fool.


I-15: Ass Titties(You can download stuff from me. Click the Divshare link)

(I got this off a mixtape, so try to bear with the quality/annoying dj voice)

Tony "Mentally Ill" Matterhorn: Wine Pon Mi Buddy

DSDamn right, my dude!

Click here to view the article.

Colin Powell... you truly are a black man. I was worried for a moment, but you prolly had some crafty ass craftiness brewing in that head of yours while you were working for the Bush administration. This dude gets my respect for this.


Hey, sorry I haven't been updating regularly. Midterms suck. Procrastination sucks, too.

I've been trying my hand at producing music and here are my two most recent instrumentals.

I'm a fan of "shake the earth and cause a police chase if you play it in your car" bass, so I suggest wearing headphones in order for the song to sound right. Otherwise it might sound a little hollow or unoriginal.

Here's the first one. I named them random things, those aren't the real names. This one is more or less finished. I suggest you listen to the intro, first verse, and then first chorus, then skip to the hook(or whatever that is) and then listen to the outro if you want to hear all the different parts instead of a loop.

This is the second one. It's not even close to being finished, but I guess it's the shell of an old school sounding beat. If you have any ideas for stuff I should add on to it, hit up the comment box below. I really love getting comments and sincerely thank the people that left some last time. It made me happy.

I'd write more, but I'm late for a haircut. I hope you guys liked them... peace.

DSDope: Thé à la Menthe

Right, so I'm late in more ways than one. I haven't posted in over a week, hope you liked The Bizness, though. Maybe that was enough to keep you visiting. (Actually, I can tell how many people visit, and it was not enough to keep you visiting. You guys suck.)

Anywhoo, the other way I'm late is in finding this song. I'd never heard it, so maybe it's possible that you hadn't either.... until now.

Nikkfurie - Thé à la Menthe

Tank you, come again.

DSD Presents: The Bizness (Make it your business)

Front Cover

Yeah... sorry I'm late. I'd say that I promise it won't happen again, but then I'd be lying. I also want to say that even though I'm doing this service to community, providing them with quality aural stimulation, and hopefully making them dance gleefully when they think nobody is looking (I see everything), I'd like to ask one favor of you and that is to comment on the post. Constructive criticism, shameless worship, scathing youtube-esque flaming, it's all good. I need to know what I'm doing right or doing wrong if I wanna keep doing the do, don't I?

Without further ado, It's time to give you The Bizness.

Back Cover/Tracklist

Click Here to Download

DSDon't Hate Cuz You're Not: Lauren

Aah! This took forever and I had to redo a good amount because I wasn't satisfied with the way it originally turned out. But yeah. Don't hate cuz you're not her. I need to have something to work with and this was a good as picture to begin with. Thanks, lady.

DSDayum!!!: Aisha #3

Which one do you guys like better?
I think one more in this series I'm done.

These were a lot of work. I did all sorts of things to them and unfortunately don't remember what they were, but I do know that it looks good and I'm glad this here lady is helping me out :-D

And seriously, guys? Nobody else wants me to do their pictures? Nobody has to know, I'll just do it and send it back to you. Guys, Girls, Parents, Kids, pet fish, I don't care; if you need a pic done, hit me at Cjosn14@gmail.com

Version 1

Version 2

DSDownright Triflin: Montell Jordan

Alright, alright. I know I'm a bit late(like ten years) with this, but I was listening to music on my roommate's iHome when I remembered that this song is the most brazen display of triflin' ass niggertry that I've ever seen.

Montell Jordan - Let's Get it On Tonight

It's a raw ass song, but really? Really?

DSDayum!!! : Aisha #2

Before(Click image to expand)

Another one of my former classmate and current buddy. I guess this is part 2 of a series.
I like how this turned out. Minimal structural edits, all about color correction and background clutter removal :-p

After(click image to expand)

P.S.: This is unrelated and unimportant, but I just downloaded Love Hate and I feel like it's a personal triumph against the stupid internet policy.

DSDisaster: I'm boned

I basically lost all my PS resources. I had some cool ass brushes, textures, patterns, fonts, stock pics, and random other goodies.

Oh well, starting from scratch should be able to give me some fresh creative ideas and designs until I can go home and fill my external hard drive back up.

But I'm more or less back in business... in case you were worried.... :-p

DSDecides: Fuck a Hiatus

Um... yeah. I think I'll use the free time I have before I start classes to post something.

It's Dancehall day, baybay.

This song is hilarious, disturbing, and fun to dance to all at the same time. It's on the same level as Put it In Your Mouth By Akinyele as far as vulgarity goes, so that makes it even more fun.

Listen to it and/or download it here

Lil' Vicious - Kill Da Bitch

Anyways, I'm looking for some more Dancehall stuff to share with you guys while I'm procrastinating on installing Photoshop. In the mean time, learn how to Nuh Linga and if you want, videotape yourself and I'll put it up.

Elephant Man - Nuh Linga

DSDoes College: On Hiatus for a couple of days

I'll be back to posting regularly soon. I just have to get my stupid computer set up and reliable internet and music and whatnot. Once everything is set up, I'll be back with that fire.

DSDeviance: Bitch, Nigga, Hoe, Shyeeit

I'm not a big fan of people that aren't open-minded... I shouldn't even say that. I'm not a fan of people who aren't open-minded about music and a select few other things. I listen to everything but country and super heavy metal, but I make exceptions for "Amos Moses"(very country), "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"(same), and I love the that one song by Kitty when they keep screaming, "Crucify then Burn" (very very metal). I just say that for the most part, I don't like country and death metal.

What this post is about is the people that are constantly saying that they don't like hip hop because it:

1. The Videos Degrade Women
2. Features a Lot of Cursing , Encouragement of Violence, and Graphic Sex
3. Uses the "N" Word. (It pains me to use "the 'N' word". As in, it hurts me to say "the 'N' word" instead of Nigger, Nigga, or Nyiguh. What the fuck are we, in second grade?)

Anyways, if you've said any of these things, that's some bullshit and I'm going to ask you to please cease your verbal defecation.

Garbage Excuse 1: The Videos Degrade Women
You're right. God damn that Ludicrous and Snoopy Dog Dog for kidnapping those poor innocent girls off the street, locking them in the basements of their crack selling dens, and corrupting their minds, brainwashing them to be so called "video vixens".

You know what I think? I think it's degrading to women to suggest that they didn't voluntarily choose and pre-plan their career as a model or whatever they are in a music video. These people are not getting degraded, they're getting mothafuckin paid, joe.

La'Chaundra a fictional resident of Gary, Indiana is a very attractive young woman. She also didn't finish high school. She hung around at home and did nothing because she figured the school system was bad and she wouldn't be learning about anything anyways. What does she decide to do:

A.) Have a billion kids and collect government money?
B.) Live with her parents and extended family in a 1 bedroom home that's falling apart?
C.) Work at McDonalds because that's who will hire her?
D.) Get a credit card swiped through her butt in a music video and meet Nelly and make money to help her family out?

I don't know what you would pick, but I'd let Rihanna beat me with a whip while I'm pretending to be her man-servant in a music video if I could meet her and get paid for it.

An alternate scenario would be an educated woman that came from a good family and is trying to go to college, but just doesn't have the cash. Model for a video, pay for school, get a better job, Ka-ching!

Garbage Excuse 2: Hip-Hop Features a Lot of Cursing , Encouragement of Violence, and Graphic Sex
Why yes, yes it does. But so does almost every other genre. Hip hop is a very broad idea that can be used to describe a song that talks about telling children to go to school and be nice to each other or a song that tells about expensive cars and pouring expensive champagne on Karrine Steffan's titties(a waste of champagne...). Anyways, my point is that you can't tell me that you won't listen to the song about going to school just because you don't like the one about juicy titties covered in Moët.

I'm not done yet. Do you mean to tell me that you're sitting there listening to a song and you hear the catchy beat and start tapping your foot to it. Then you hear the guy rapping and frown a little, but the frown fades because you hear a funny punchline or some good wordplay. Then, suddenly, the unthinkable happens. The witty or ignorant but lovable person on the other end of the speakers utters the phrase, "...smacked that bitch's ass". You're so emotionally jarred by this unspeakable linguistic atrocity that you drop your Ipod, stomp on it and vow never to listen to rap again.

If this applies to you, don't read anymore of what I have to say. Just go register to vote for Sarah Palin and Johnny Mac.

If this sounds ridiculous to you, then you know how I feel when someone tells me that they don't listen to rap just because they use certain words. What you mean to say when you say that is, "None of my friends listen to rap" or "I don't understand ebonics so I am afraid they are making fun of me and I don't know it" or "I heard a couple of rap songs and the rest are probably all the same". Please don't bullshit me.

I hate The Jonas Brothers. I don't, however, go around thinking that they represent all of rock. I love the Sex Pistols, The Distillers, Led Zepplin, Queens of the Stone Age, Old school My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, The Mars Volta and plenty more. It's because I gave them a chance and explored more than one sub-genre within rock. I suggest you do the same.

Garbage Excuse 3: Uses the "N" Word
I don't even know where to start or end on this one so I'm not going to. I'll take an excerpt from StuffBlackPeopleHate.com.

I did NOT Write this.
"When Chad asks a black person “why can’t I say ‘nigger’”, 95% of black people reach their boiling point IMMEDIATELY. Contrary to popular belief, though, a black person who reaches his boiling point will usually not shoot you, shank you, or date your daughter…he will simply shut down intellectually. A blank, idiotic look creeps over his face, after which he will try to give you a response, but the words simply don’t come. He shakes his head and walks away exasperated, leaving Chad with the mistaken impression that he has a good point.

Fortunately, I’ve heard the Chad Question so many times that I’ve developed a scripted response to it:

Chad: “I don’t get it. I mean, if black people can say it then why can’t I?”
Me: “Do you have a girlfriend?”
Chad: “Uh, yea…”
Me: “Do you fuck her?”
Chad: “…..yeah….”
Me: “Cool. Mind if I fuck her?”
Me: “I don’t get it. I mean, if you can fuck her then why can’t I?” "


That about sums it up for me.


In summation, that sums it up.

DSD'oh!: Kanye West got Arrested


Here's the article.

Kanye West now has street cred.... he's gonna be fighting Amy Winehouse and her boyfriend in jail in the UK. (Amy could probably beat his ass. He'd faint on contact the heroin residue secreted by her skin.)

But honestly, how funny is this? This is the rapper you'd least expect to get arrested. Kanye is a great artist, but he's also a bitch ass whiner.

That being said, FREE KANYEEZY!!!!

((My Fault, he was arrested in the US.))

DSD Presents: Lauren

It's sort of been a while. But don't worry, I've been doing stuff. Check out that little thing in the top right corner of the screen(To the right of this text, for today). That's the DSDeluge. I'll put whatever song it is that's stuck in my head up there. It's not necessarily gonna be a new song or by an obscure artist or something, but it should be good.


But let's call attention to this particular post. I'm gonna stop OCD'ing and decide that this picture is finished.

This was my first time doing canvas effects or watercolor/y stuff or having a model blending into the foreground paint. I think I sort of pulled it off... right?

Anyways, Lauren is my first model... ever. As if that weren't enough, she provides consistently good material. I can get a picture, but if I'm not really feelin' it I can't do much with it, nawmean? A big thank you and a big happy birthday to her.

I should call this one "Beginner's Luck" because it was the first model manipulation I've ever done and is probably the best one I've done. I'll beat it one day...

DSD Presents: (Can't think of a name)

Credit and thanks to SaligiaStock for the model and the raw ass stock pick. Great stuff.

It's a pretty huge picture, so try and click it. You won't be disappointed.

And remember, I can do that with your picture, too. Just hit me up at cjosn14@gmail.com, the Facebook group, or a comment on this blog. All these other goodies I provide you with are secondary, this is really what I'm here for.


DSDiscovery: Google Chrome

So... I think the people at Google are aliens. They somehow made a whole new internet browser and kept it secret for all this time and are allegedly releasing it tomorrow.

That is some sneaky ninja ass shit. Britney Spears can't pick a wedgie in public without it getting broadcast to the whole world but a multi-billion dollar company can develop an entire internet browser that is set to rival Firefox and Internet Explorer.

They even made a comic about it.

Cop it tomorrow when it comes out.

DSDr. Dre: Uh-oh

Yikes. This is bad news...

Dr. Dre's 20 year old son found dead...

(Edit: Whoever saw that typo and didn't let me know is an asshole)

DSD Presents: Aisha

I haven't really posted many photomanips on here even though that's kind of the whole point of the site. When I opened this blog back in November of last year, I intended for it to be somewhere people could request my photo editing stuff and I'd do it for them.

Anyways, here's my model and former prom date in this picture from Miami. I didn't really make any serious edits other than a HUGE amount of color correction, my top secret glamour blur formula, and some levels adjustments.

DSDumbfounded: T.I. Livin Your Life ft. Rihanna

Seriously, man?
It's not a bad song, but I wasn't expecting that at all.

DSD Presents: Revolution D.S

Cover Art

Back Cover/Tracklist

Cop this imeedjetly - Click Here to Download

I spent all day making this, so it had better be good. It has a little bit of everything, so anyone should be able to enjoy it. Thanks for checking it out and deuces till next time.

DSDelivers: Articulate ft. Janelle Monaé and Nas - Black Zombie 2008

This track is sick. Maybe it's because I'm in love with Janelle Monaé. My only complaint is that the flow is a little... off at times. It's like they were rapping/singing over a different beat before they added this one over it or something.

Black Zombie 2008 - Articulate ft. Janelle Monaé and Nas

DSDoesn't Get it: Swagger Like Us (Jay-Z, Kanye, Weezy, and T.I)

I usually don't post stuff this mainstream, but there's apparently some sort of controversy about this. Nobody wants to put up a download link. Well, here's one.

Get it here.

DSDying of Laughter: Affion's "Mr. Carter" Parody

Remember that dude from Wild n' Out? Affion? The one that was consistently funnier than Nick Cannon and the celebrity guests?


DSDeviance: Misuse of the Word "Ghetto"


I'm back from vacation and ready to rant. Prepare for some DSDeviance

In case you all didn't know, It's a running idea amongst many black people that once white people start using a word/dressing a certain way, it's played out. Though this is a place where I give my opinion on things, I'm not going to tell you what I think about that. I am, however, going to say that if this is true, it's not limited to white people.

In my opinion, when a word begins to be used by people that can't use it properly and have no intention to, the word is played out.

I'll be focusing on the word "Ghetto", a word misused by people of every color. Almost every time I hear this word used, I'm enraged beyond belief. If someone were to say, "James had got stole on cuz he was finna give Billy a kiss cuz he though Billy was gay, too." I know a bunch of people that would say, "Why are you talking so ghetto?"

In case you didn't know, Ebonics are not inherently ghetto. I know plenty of educated people that let a "we was..." or "i'm finna..." slip more than once in a while and I'm perfectly fine with that. And I also know a couple of legitimately "ghetto" people that have a lot of kids just so they'll get more welfare checks at the end of the month. "Ghetto" is not using a particular dialect of English, Ghetto is not knowing that you are not speaking proper English and telling people that do, "Nigga, you talk funny."

And then we get to fashion. Ecko, Avirex, Rocawear, Coogi, etc., are not Ghetto. If you live in the hood, you wouldn't be able to afford these things unless you sold drugs. I'm just dumbfounded by the amount of people that tell me I dress ghetto just because I have on an XXL T-shirt instead of a medium or large and sag my pants a bit.

This might be kind of hard to grasp for some of you, so I'll show you pictures.

Not Ghetto

Borderline (Only If Bought From a Beauty Supply Store)

Ghetto (If you can't pay for food and you're rocking the matching outfit for these)

Any thoughts?

DSDelinquent: Be Back Monday

DSDa li govoriš Srpski?

While searching Facebook, I saw a friend's status and it suggested a song. Sure, I don't understand a word they're saying, and sure, they sound unnecessarily angry, but that's probably what my parents think about Eminem.

Ljiga - Beogradski Sindikat

I don't know of many good Eastern European rappers, but they're out there. I've heard some crazy fantastic stuff from them, so you American MC's had better be on the lookout for when one of these dudes learns how to rhyme in English. It'll be Пока/до свидания(da svidAn’ya) to some folks.

Now... for a personal favorite of mine since middleschool. Kickass video, makes a political statement.

Leningrad - Menya Zovut Shnur

DSD Presents: Abolishing Ignorance Re-Ups

I made the Abolishing Ignorance Mixtapes to expose people to different genres of music and the music of different nationalities. It sickens me every time I play Bhangra or Dancehall in the car with my friends and they say, "Turn this shit, I can't understand what they're saying." Let the music speak to you, kiddies. It makes everything better.

Part 1 had music that you can Chill out to, hence the name "Chill" and part 2 had Love songs and whatnot, so I called it "Cake". Unfortunately, Zshare links aren't good for long term downloading as they disappear after 60 days. I reupped them to Divshare and now...
I've got something for you!!!

DSD Presents: Abolishing Ignorance - Chill Disc 1 pt. 1 - Download
DSD Presents: Abolishing Ignorance - Chill Disc 1 pt 2 - Download
Click for Tracklist

DSD Presents: Abolishing Ignorance - Cake (Disc 1) - Download
Click for Tracklist
DSD Presents: Abolishing Ignorance - Cake (Disc 2) - Download
Click for Tracklist

Hit me back with a comment so I'll know what you liked and didn't like.

DSD Presents: Lucifer's Lights

I made this toward the end of last year and I didn't really like it, so I didn't ever upload it anywhere. But I guess the only reason I could hear mistakes in it was because I made it and I knew where to look for them. Check it out and see for yourself.

Lucifer's Lights - DSD

Kanye West(Flashing Lights) vs. Jay Z(Lucifer)

DSDiscovered: Snoop? Bollywood? Word?

I love this dude...

Check this shit out o_O.

DSDancehall: Bounty Killer is his name...

Click Here For the Article.

I guess if you call yourself Bounty Killer you might... well... kill people. All these American artists talking about being "gangsta" could kiss their street cred goodbye if they went to Jamaica. They could kiss it goodbye in Africa, too. My man K'naan can tell you more about that with his song "What's Hardcore?" about that very topic.

K'naan - What's Hardcore?

(Listen to the lyrics)

Anyways, these LA and New York gangstas can kiss their street cred goodbye on two fronts. The following artists below me are some stiff competition musically. Check those songs out.

The Mission - Damian and Stephen Marley

Busy Signal - Tic Toc


DSDeviance: "Hip Hop is Dead" is dead (pt. 1)

I hate this phrase. It annoys me to my core. I am not easily angered, but I want to stomp on anyone that says anything along the lines of this. Some of the more serious offenders would be, "Hip hop is not as good as it used to be and it never will be." or "New Rapper X will never be as good as Old Rapper Y because Old Rapper Y is a legend and nobody can therefore be better than him" or "Rapper X died in the 90's, therefore they are the best ever."

"Hip hop is not as good as it used to be and it never will be."

Really? You mean to tell me all old school drum machine hip hop is better than music now? You mean to tell me that Grandmaster Flash is more talented than Kanye West?

You may argue that hip-hop used to be pure and now all they talk about is drugs and degrading women. I can tell you now, the only reason it was sanitized back then was because it was new and because everything was sanitized back then. Look at how every other genre has changed. Think about pop music back in the day and pop music now. Hell, look at TV and movies. It's everywhere, things change.

And about the degrading women thing. They didn't kidnap these video vixens and force them to have $500 a bottle champagne poured on their titties. They CHOSE to do it and they are getting PAID WELL to do it. So please, please do not say any of that shit to me.

Another argument about this topic that I simply hate would be that we have "Strayed away from the 5 elements of Hip Hop"

Fuck the 4 elements of Hip Hop.

1. MC'ing - That's a given. But I consider artists like T-Pain to be hip hop artists. Not really traditional or particularly great artists, but hip hop artists nonetheless. Things are changing, but this will probably stay.

2. DJing - Pro Tools and FLstudio are in now. Unless you really know what you're doing, the DJ in the hip-hop group is wiggedy wiggedy wack.

3. Breaking - Who the FUCK breakdances anymore. Tell me if you see a nigga with a cardboard dance floor and a ghetto blaster breakdancing in the middle of the sidewalk and I will personally fly out to wherever you are so I can point and laugh at him.

4. Graffiti - As much as I love graffiti(I think it's cool as hell), it's simply not part of hip hop at all anymore. Sorry.

As you can see, 3/4 of what used to be hip hop is now obsolete. If I had to make my own 4 now, I'd say it'd be MCing, Swag, Beats, and Fans.

MCing - You have to have both good lyrics and good delivery to succeed in this category. I personally think Plies is a shitty rapper, but he has good delivery and a unique flow, so he gets my respect. Snoop and Nate Dogg have their own lyrical style and flow that is almost instantly recognizable as theirs. And then you have some rappers like Immortal Technique that don't really have a recognizable flow, but are lyrically just on another level. I think that's alright, too.

Swag and Fan Base - This is a category that I believe can make or break a rapper. I'll use the best example that I can think of: Lil Wayne. I don't care what anyone says, this guy is not the greatest rapper alive. He's not even the greatest rapper in the South. He's pretty amazing though, but I'd have to say a lot of his fame has to do with his swag. I think the nigga looks like a toad, but there are legions of women itching to get in bed with him. Why? Because he carries himself in a way that gets him that kind of attention. Who the hell cares about J'Kwon, Jibbs, Rich Boy, or D4L. They were no different than any other rappers in their genre. No swag at all, period.

And having the right kind of swag will get you a certain type of fan base, which is important because that's who listens to your music.

1. Hipster Rap - Kanye, the Cool Kids, Pharrell(My lord and savior), Kidz in the Hall. These are the hipsters. They attract other hipsters and white people. Artists in this genre have their own sort of retropop swag. Look at the way any of them dresses to kind of get a clue what I'm talking about.

The Cool Kids

2. Educated Rap - Lupe Fiasco, Nas(sometimes), Common, etc. These are rappers that have a message and will beat you over the head with it. You'll almost never see them flashing money or sliding credit cards through a girl's ass cheeks. Their fan base is usually white people and black people who think they're too good for all other hip hop. (These are general statements. Lupe Fiasco is my favorite raper of all time and I definitely don't fall into this category)

3. Dirty South Rap - 3 6 Mafia, Plies, David Banner, Trick Daddy... I hate southern rap. I'll listen to it occasionally, but it seems like most of it is garbage to me. Fortunately for everyone else, my opinion doesn't define what is or is not good music. Southern rap is characterized by a "fuck it, imma party" attitude. Lyrics and behavior exhibited by these rappers are generally about partying, strip clubs, regular clubs, and graphic descriptions of sex. Back in the day, this was sort of a niche type of hip hop, but now the fanbase is anyone that turns on the radio.

4.West Coast Rap - Does not exist anymore.

5. Dance Rap - Souljaboy, Dj Unk, Dem Franchise Boyz, etc. I hate it when people criticize these guys and Dirty South rappers for their non-intellectual lyrics. These niggas aren't trying to be deep and witty, the beat is all important as is the associated dance. Their fanbase is anyone that goes to parties frequently. These rappers don't act or dress a certain way because they fit into other categories. I also hate dance rap, but it is by no means bad music.

Beats - If you have good lyrics and a shitty instrumental, It's very hard to have a good overall song. Kanye is a great artist, but people consider him one of the best because he's a rapper/producer and not just a rapper. His rhymes aren't really all that, but they're better than most. Combined with the beats, he's unstoppable. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have The Cool Kids, whose beats are awful and all sound the same but have some pretty good lyrics. For me, however, it just doesn't work that way for them.

That's about it.....

As a final note -

This is what R&B used to look like. It was cool then, but would you look like that now?

Things Change

Or do they?

DSD Presents: Still a Rockstar

I was sorting through my stuff and I realized Still D.R.E and Rockstar sounded kind of alike and figured I should do something about it.

...I did something about it.

Still a Rockstar

Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg (Still D.R.E) Vs. N*E*R*D (Rockstar)

DSDelivery: Lupe Fiasco's Follow the Leader Mixtape

Let's make one thing clear. I am on Lupe Fiasco's nuts like HIV on a Gary prostitute. (No homo) This mixtape is hot FIRE. If you haven't listened to The Cool yet, don't even worry about it. Most of it is on here.

I never thought Lupe was capable of delivering even a semi-club banger, but I was wrong. He keeps his rhyming style, but switches the instrumental up and it works. I'd recommend a track to you, but they're all sick, so I'll just give you the whole thing.

We On - Gemstones ft. Lupe Fiasco
This should get its own post because it's actually a Gemstones song.(It's on both his mixtape an Lupe's) Get his mixtape, too. Testimony of Gemstones. It's just as raw as Lupe's.

Lupe Fiasco: Follow the Leader

Cheers, niggas.