DSDayum!!!: Aisha #3

Which one do you guys like better?
I think one more in this series I'm done.

These were a lot of work. I did all sorts of things to them and unfortunately don't remember what they were, but I do know that it looks good and I'm glad this here lady is helping me out :-D

And seriously, guys? Nobody else wants me to do their pictures? Nobody has to know, I'll just do it and send it back to you. Guys, Girls, Parents, Kids, pet fish, I don't care; if you need a pic done, hit me at Cjosn14@gmail.com

Version 1

Version 2


Anonymous said...

i fuckin love it.. the body is on point!!! you are getting better and better day by day... but can we fix the contrast? i feel almost orange.. thanks youuuu..

DSD said...

Thanks. It's not the contrast, it's the hue. I'm trying to come up w/ the perfect "tan Pakistani girl formula" :-p. I fucked around w/ the color for like 10-15 minutes cuz you were either too yellow, too red, or too green.

I'll keep working on that shit, thanks for the concrit.