DSDecides: Pick your Five

I have to say, the pick your 5 application really made me sad. I was going to make my own "Pick Your 5", but I noticed there was no set category, so I didn't do it. Then I thought, "That's what I have a blog for :-D."

Brands with the most swag.
This means anything. Not just clothes or shoes. Anything with a unique identity.

1. Absolut

Everyone has seen an Absolut ad. They have their own distinct style and each ad has its own personality. It might just be the artist in me, but I actually enjoy seeing Absolut ads when I'm reading through magazines.

2. Playboy

I've never even opened a Playboy magazine, but I love the logo so much that it's the lone poster in my room. The logo, in this situation, has transcended the brand and taken on its own meaning.

3. Supra

This is the only brand of shoes that consistently makes me actually make audible excitation noises like "Eep!" and "Holy shit" and "ughhhhh".

So raw.

4. Bacardi

I like the Bacardi logo, but its the bottle design that gets me. They're like... art. I (don't) use them to decorate my desk (because I'm not 21).

5. Lacoste

I don't think I own any Lacoste. I will when I start making that cakedoughducatpaper tho. It's something about mixing normally bland preppy clothes with bright ass colors and making yourself look classy, but still cool. Throw on a Lacoste polo with a matching fitted and sneakers and you have a style that you can't quite put a name on. That's swag.


In other news. I made a logo. Or at least a rough draft of one...

Hit me with a comment if you like/dislike it.


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