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DSDulce Beat: Belanova

Hey, I've been gone for like 2 weeks. My fault. Combine me, college, and procrastination, and you get..... I don't know, but it's bad. Anyways, I feel awful for giving so many people a link to this site and not putting anything up, so I'll try to shower you with media and whatnot now that it's Sunday and I'm supposed to be studying, ya dig?

First off, I'll do my version of an artist spotlight. And for today, I want to spotlight Belanova.

I first came across Belanova while surfing Newgrounds and I came across this video. When I first turned on the little cartoony flash movie, I was expecting to be entertained by the animation, but it came as a pretty big shock when I ended up being so mesmerized, for lack of better words, by the music in the background that I had to watch the short twice.

The video is by Vinnie Veritas, by the way.

The song was Tus Ojos by Belanova. Here's a higher quality downloadable version.

Tus Ojos - Belanova

I looked more into them and found that they have kind of a funk/electronic/pop style that's just pretty unique, and that's really what I go for in an artist....

Pardon my writing right now. It looks like I'm narrating a story to kindergarteners. I just read a bad test grade and missed an audition callback, so today is kind of awful. I think I'll spare you and just give you the what I believe are the best examples(downloadable) of their music and a quick description of what I like about them.

Album 1 - Cocktail
This is their best album by far. They stuck with that electrofunkpop feeling the most and that really defines them as artists.

Aun Asi Te Vas - Belanova

The instrumental here is really smooth, with the kickass funky bassline that's a mainstay in almost all of their songs from this album.
I am also in love with the vocalist, Denisse Guerrero, whose vocals make this song one of my favorites.

Tranquilo - Belanova

My Spanish level isn't good enough to completely understand this song, but DG's sexy vocals over this lounge-y beat just makes this the perfect song for those moments that you just kind of want to kind of relax. I included it on my first mixtape, "Chill", which has a lot of other songs you may like. Click here to check that out.

There are plenty more great songs. I love the whole album. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and I'll gladly hook you up with it.

Album 2 - Dulce Beat
This is where they kind of began to stray from their original sound. I still dig the style, but they lost some swag points from me.

Mirame - Belanova

This song is probably the most similar to any of the ones on Cocktail. It's another really chill song and I'm really feeling the bossa nova-esque(I like making up words, if you couldn't tell) instrumental.

Rosa Pastel - Belanova

This is one of my favorites. Complete style flip, but I think it worked. Think Kanye and Flashing Lights. Some people probably were feeling it and some people weren't. Unfortunately, while I liked this song, it was a sign of bad things to come(in my opinion). The rock influence started to kind of take over and kill their previous unique style as you'll see on their next album.

Album 2.5 Dulce Beat 2.0
This is a remix album. It has a lot of mixes of songs from both Cocktail and Dulce Beat

Suele Pasar(Acoustic) - Belanova

Suele Pasar was a great song off of Cocktail. Again, hit me up and I can hook you up with it. Anyways, yeah, they basically transformed it into this sad little acoustic guitar song that just gets to me every time I listen to it. It's prolly DG's voice :-p.

It wasn't on this album, but I can send anyone that wants it the Mijangos Divino house remix of Rosa Pastel. Sickness...

Album 3 - Fantasia Pop

I'm really not feeling this album... like, at all. They changed from their funky roots to a sort of Glamrock/Dreamrock/Poprock feel. If I could describe it in words, it sounds like fashion show music with the extremely heavy ambient synth and heavy echo/reverb effects on the vocals and guitar. Again, an example is the best way to show you.

Cada Que - Belanova

I'd like to clarify that the music isn't bad per se, it's just that they killed what I liked so much about them with the style change. This is a pretty catchy tune, but it's probably the most glaring example of switching to more of a rock sound.

Aun - Belanova

This is the perfect example of what I mean by Dreampop or Glampop. Doesn't this sound like runway music for a fashion show? I'm not a huge fan, but it's still an alright song.

Toma Mi Mano - Belanova

I'm not completely against changing style. The style here (all piano and vocals) was completely unexpected. It's very sad sounding, but in this case, understanding Spanish would show that it's kind of the opposite. Great song, in my opinion.

1,2,3 Go! - Belanova

This album wasn't awful. I'm not trying to bash a great band. As artists, they can do whatever they want with their style. I think this song sounds damn great and I hope they keep developing with their own artistic vision. It's basically a rock song with slight electronic influences and great drums.

Well, that's it for my first artist spotlight. I really appreciate it when people comment on anything I put up. Just say "good" "bad" or anything, just so I know you at least glanced at it. And if you're really cool, some constructive criticism would be great.

Again, sorry for not being around as much as I should. I'll try to fix that.