DSDrip, Drop: Eye Candy by Superfad

Long time no see. It's going to be a little longer too, because I'm going to keep it brief and say, "This shit is dope."

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DSDon't Steal My Spotlight:: Illustrations by Sergio Laskin

 This. Shit. Is. Bonkers. Feast your eyes, friends. [And your ears, as well. Enjoy the music as you browse... slowly]

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Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (42)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (7)

Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (22)
Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (5)
Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (9)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (20)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (23)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (30)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (31)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (33)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (35)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (37)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (41)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (15)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (16)Illustrations by Sergio Laskin (47)

DSDopeness: PokerPhone

I'm not a huge Lady Gaga fan, but I definitely respect her. I am now a huge fan of this random Japanese chick and I definitely respect her. Peep this amazingness.


DSDoubt:: Art by Paul Lung[That makes me question reality]

So apparently none of this is real and it was all done in pencil. This man is a DSDeity. I can't even logically piece together how he was able to draw these ridiculously photorealistic pictures.

Sicktastic stuff.
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DSD Presents: "All DSD'd Up [V.3]"

This is my first personal work in a minute. I'm glad I'm getting known better and better by the student body. I was going for a particular look and feel for this one. I can't really put my finger on what those were or where I got the inspiration from, but I can tell you that it looks like absolute trash unless you fullview and see the texture and whatnot.

And for the designers out there, I basically took a picture over a black background and made a couple effect layers above that one before putting a pink and blue gradient map on it [Hence the title] Then I masked the whole thing out so it was invisible. Afterwards, I used splatter/grunge brushes at varying opacities to kind of build up the face.

Shout out to the little sis for pointing some stuff out that was fixed shortly afterward with the quickness. [Hence the V.3]

Stock Image by: MariquaSunbird1


DSDull? Never: Practice


[As always, click the image to see the full-sized version]

So, if you all didn't know, my computer had a catastrophic crash and I wasn't able to use it throughout most of February and March. That being said, I got kind of rusty with Photshop.

A little bit after I got my computer back, I decided to find a picture to do a practice run on while going back to my roots of retouching.

I'd list all the edits I made, but I want you to try to guess first. It takes a lot of changes to get a subtle but noticeable effect.

DSDeuces for now :-p

Original Stock Image By Mrs. Durden Stock [Thanks a ton]


DSDiffusion: Colored Water by Alena Nikiforova

Hello again, friends. I kind of wanted to come back with a bang, but this is more of a sizzle and really really loud *pop*.

I like to blog about art a lot. I also like to blog about fashion, which is art in its own way. Today, I bring you both at the same time in a very interesting way. InDSDulge.