Credit Where its DSDue: Congrats

Congratulations to fellow NU blogger, Dallas Wright for becoming a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. I'm sure it took a lot of hard work and its great to have him back.

DSDiscotheque: Get Down, Snitches

What up, though?

This is my most recent project and also my first creative endeavor in quite some time if you don't count music production. Some friends and I were watching a movie with the sound muted while playing music in the background and some parts synced perfectly without any sort of adjustment. Later on, we watched some Soul Train and the gears began to turn.

I'm a huge fan of intentional creative anachronisms [Samurai Champloo/Cowboy Bebop/Jet Set Radio, anyone?] so I really enjoyed making this. I hope you like it.

The Great OutDSDoors: Photography by Laurent Laveder

So I guess this guy likes to play with the Moon. Its really amazing what you can do with a camera and nature. Unfortunately, however, there are insects outside and I don't fuck with that. I'll leave it to this guy to make this stuff like this that's completely bonkers.

By the way, I think its of note that this is photography, not photoshopography. I don't think these pictures had any editing done to them at all.

And on the music tip:
"Man on the Moon" - Kid Cudi
Sick track from when I used to actually like dude. I dunno what happened to him, but he seems to be making his new fanbase happy. Hat tip to you, sir.

"Space Between Two Worlds" - Nujabes and/or(?) Fat Jon
This song is pretty chill. And the title goes well w/ the theme of the post. If you don't know about Nujabes, he was a Japanese hip-hop/jazz producer and also my second favorite producer after Lord Forreal. Look thta [Japanese] nigga up. You won't be disappointed... unless you don't like hip-hop or Jazz.

"Aquarium" - Nosaj Thing
Dude's this beast from California. He basically makes kinda downtempo electo-techno-experimental type ish. This is the song Cudi rapped over for Man on the Moon.

Pick one, scroll slowly, and take it innnnn


[Via The Awesomer]

DSDouble Feature: Between Bears and Eplé

To tell the truth, I haven't watched Between Bears all the way through, but it seems like a pretty dope short film. The art style is quite nice and.... geometric?  Then there's the Eplé music video... I saw that... and it was one of the craziest things I've ever seen.


DSDon't Steal My Spotlight: Art by Russ Mills

Its been a while. It took a while to get settled in this schoolyear and then afterward I had uhh... blogger's block? Sorry about that.

Anyways, enjoy this guy's work. Its pretty damn cool. I'm a huge fan of splatter effects and I use them a lot in my work. These pictures are a perfect example of intentional scruffiness and I think it works out really nicely here.

Now for the audio. I picked two Chevelle songs I thought went well with this. I feel like rock and the grunge-splat style complement each other. I guess I'd suggest you pick either or and scroll through the pictures slowly.


[Via LooksLikeGoodDesign - A Creative Universe - Russ Mills]

Russ Mills