LSDSD: "The Music Scene" by Anthony Fransisco Schepperd

I'm sorry I haven't been online much recently. Organic Chemistry is kind of a bitch. Not that I don't like it or anything, but its a lot of work. In addition to Orgo, I've also lost my dearest friend recently and have been unable to access the internet.

I feel like fucking Survivorman. You might say, "Sure, not having the internet is bad, but you've updated your Facebook status several times in the last week and a half , you have a smartphone, and a PS3." And I might say, "It's not the same. You don't understand, you cruel, heartless monster."

Anyways... I'm on my mom's computer trying to get in a blog updating mood. I just looked through my cool shit stash and pulled this up. You'll trip balls.

"The Music Scene" from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.

I DSDon't Believe My Eyes: Photography by Marc Adamus

These are not paintings, this is photograph. I want to go wherever this guy went to take his pictures cuz this ish is straight sickness.

Play this song and look at them slowly and don't forget to enjoyjoy.

[Via LooksLikeGoodDesign]

DSDirty Rose: FNF U-P

Man, I missed the people in the former FNF crew. After I saw them with Lupe in person at the Glow in the Dark tour I wondered why none of them had their own careers. Gemstones was raw, but tragically became a gospel singer, Matthew Santos is M.I.A until he comes on a track with Lu, etc.

Luckily for me [and you], I stumbled across this today. Enjoyjoy.