Research and DSDevelopment:: LA Noire Tech Demo

This stuff is unreal, in my opinion. We've come a long ass way from pong. Hell, even from N64. It annoys me a ton how people dismiss videogames as juvenile when in actuality, they're probably more sophisticated works of art than movies. Movies go scene by scene and only give you what you need to understand the story. Videogames are and are becoming more and more interactive, meaning the developers have to include a plot and other auxiliary details to really bring the player into the world.

Check out this video for Rockstar Games' [the Grand Theft Auto people..] LA Noire. The cool stuff starts happening toward the middle/end. I had no idea mocap had gotten so sophisticated, but I can definitely eff with it. Enjoy.

Slice n' DSDice: Real Samurai

Been a while... sorry about that. My laptop was out of commission for a minute amongst other things. In any case, I have a really tight video to show you all to make up for it.

Maybe I'm a little different, but I was a huuge Japanophile from like 7th grade up till about my senior year of highschool. I loved samurai movies and anime relating to that topic as well. I was also aware that most of that stuff was highly stylized and that people can't really do most of that shit in real life. I was reeeeal fuckin wrong- check it out.