DSD Presents: Freckles

(Click on the pictures for full view)

I've posted this on Facebook, but facebook pictures have TERRIBLE image quality. It compresses the picture and little jpeg artifacts (those little colored noisy dots) appear on an otherwise great quality picture. That used to be a problem when it came to getting my stuff shown, but now that I have this blog, I can let you guys see the full quality pictures I put up. And since I have all this free space, I'll explain what I did and why I did it. Here's the original picture

The model for this picture was already great looking, but there were a few personal touches I wanted to make. I did some major lip reconstruction and then did some subtle cosmetic structural edits on the jawline and nose. Then I did some veeery subtle darkening of her freckles. Then I looked back and thought about how well the eyes and flower stood out in the original picture and decided to make them the focus by giving them my signature hot pink glow. Because the normal procedure for eyes didn't quite work for this picture, I had to manually paint and recolor her eyes and sort of make them shiny and realistic for being you know.... fake painted on eyes.

After I finished, I put everything together and decided the blue shirt kind of clashed with everything. Since it was the only blue thing in the picture, it was pretty easy to just do a Hue/Saturation edit and turn it white. Then I did some top secret layer effects with my special little model blur technique.

I didn't put my name on this one so that I wouldn't clutter up the picture and out of respect for the amazing stock artist Noxiousfreak

Thanks for checking out the picture and thanks to the stock artist.