I like to call this section DSDare. I'm daring you to check these things out. I mean, if you're visiting this site, you probably value my opinion. But anyways, yeah. If you're bored, curious, or in love with everything I say and or do, you might want to check these things out. And if you really really love me, you can show me that you do by leaving a comment on this post. Thanks and enjoy.
(None of this stuff is necessarily new, but you may not have heard of them.)

Watch: Samurai Champloo: Entire Series

Before you start whining about how anime is for nerds, please check yourself. The DSD experience is about giving things you don't normally do a try. My advice to you is that nobody knows what you do in your free time and they generally couldn't give a fuck less about it if the do find out. So please take your insecurity elsewhere.

Anyways, this is a mish-mash of hip-hop and Samurai Culture with a crazy soundtrack by this cat named Nujabes and some other people. It's animated really well and the plots are pretty deep, give the first episode a watch at the link I gave you and just comment here if you like it or didn't like it.

Yes, I'm asking you to actually read. Crazy? I know, right? It's okay though, champ. I'm sure you can do it.

The book is about this everyday guy named Stephen Jones that gets a job at a company. There's a pretty big plot twist pretty early on, so I can't say much about the plot, but I can tell you that it's full of sarcastic humor and lovable characters. I had a great time reading this book and hope you will, too. (As if you're going to read a fucking book, lmfao)

Listen: I'm at work, so I can't really play music through the computer. But since I'm really into music and mixtape making and stuff, the whole site will be more or less a "Look At" and "Listen" section.

Smoke: Strawberry/Watermelon Flavored Hoookah

I won't tell you to do any real drugs. And I also won't (directly) tell you to enrich your life in a positive manner through healthy herbs (like marijuana) because it is illegal(Try it anyways, you won't regret it.). But I will, however, advise you on flavors of Hookah to try.

If they mix hookah at your nearby place, like they should, ask them to mix strawberry and watermelon. This is quite the mix. It's a little weak, I'll have to say that, but it's something you'd want to chill with your friends to. The best way I could describe how it tastes would be

Me and my buddy from school had this for a little more than an hour and I was drinking something carbonated the whole time. And I shit you not, I farted in the car and enjoyed the smell.