DSDeviance: Barack Obama Scandal

Hey, everyone. I realize that "everyone" is all of one or two people, but that's completely and totally good enough. As long as someone sees what I'm doing, my goal is being somewhat accomplished.

Anyways, I'd like to establish that my "DSDeviance" posts will be rants. Angry rants, happy rants, sad rants, whatever. They'll get my thoughts out of my head and provoke thoughts in yours. Today I think I'll discuss Barack Obama on the cover of the New Yorker.

It might be offensive at first glance, but the idea didn't have any malicious intent. In fact, they're on Obama's side. The point of that cover was to make fun of the ridiculous accusations people have been making about him through a satirical political cartoon. That's what the New Yorker does. It's like complaining that there are titties on a Playboy cover.

So.... what's the problem? CN motherfucking N and others sensationalizing this situation. We now have people saying that they won't vote for Obama because he's a "closet Muslim". Is this because of the New Yorker? No. Because A.) People that wouldn't vote for someone based solely upon the fact that they are a Muslim do not read the New Yorker. B.) People that wouldn't vote for someone based solely upon the fact that they are a Muslim don't see the cover of magazines because they don't read much in general and C.) People that did, by chance, see the cover of the New Yorker would likely have simply glossed over it as one of those "weird" magazine covers.

My problem is that media exposure has turned something that the average easily mislead idiot would never have even heard of into something that could possibly hurt his chances, if even just a little. It's honestly not that big of a deal.

But on the other hand, the New Yorker people should have known better. I'm not against the cover, I'm against the timing. Just like how I agree with most of the stuff Reverend Wright says, but I think he was a damn fool for saying them when he did, you feel me?

Discuss this in the comment box below, but before that you should enjoy this picture from the folks at 4chan.


BestAlive630 said...

now you know i CANT STAND that half breed....i put him on the same level as al sharpton, jesse jackson, and NIGGAS. Because all 4 of them do nothin but spread confusion amongst black people. I personally think Barack can eat a dick........but i do think people made 2 big of a deal out of the cover. And of course Rev Al "Pick A Bail Of Cotton" Sharpton had to add his 2 cents, which means the sheep minded black populous, most of which who have never read the new yorker all of a sudden wanna boycott and march again *sigh* lol but enuff about my rants