I DSDo Not Encourage Breaking the Law

...not all of the time, at least. I think some laws need to be broken.

Graffiti is one of my favorite art forms. It's a combination of the punk-ish feel to it and the overall "mojo", "pizzazz", "swag", whatever you want to call it, that these artists seem to have. I honestly can't put a finger on it.

I've probably said it a million times, but the game Jet Set Radio has inspired the way I dress, talk, dance, act, and make any sort of art- audio or visual for years and its themes are heavily based on graffiti and the culture surrounding it.

So it was out of a personal passion that I found these images one by one instead of finding a compilation all by one artist like I usually do. It's only a couple images, but I promise next time I don't have a midterm, a quiz and problem sets to do, I'll post another set. Probably with a theme like "Graffiti in Barcelona"(the shit) or "Graffiti in Rio"(also the shit) etc, etc. I hope you likelike.

Also, I'll include a Jet Set Radio track for you to listen to while you're at it. "Sweet Soul Brother" by Hideki Naganuma

[Photography by Abigaelarachnid]

This is so sick. I would fly over there, kneel down by it and pray if I knew where it was... somewhere in Melbourne, apparently.
[Photography by tRaNce eMoTi0ns]

[Photography by Bobitibob]

[Fish Club - Photography by TheBreadmaster]


Anonymous said...

Why do you use one of my photos in your blog without my authorization?
Please remove it.